Press release: Winclove Probiotics is a Great Place to Work

94% of employees are proud to work at Winclove Probiotics

Amsterdam, 12 November - Winclove Probiotics has officially been awarded Great Place to Work (GPTW) status this year. Great Place to Work Netherlands awarded this certificate after conducting a comprehensive employee survey and organizational culture audit. The certification will be used by Winclove Probiotics, among other things, to attract new talent. In addition, GPTW certification will also help the company achieve its goal of becoming the best for the world when it comes to employment. 

Winclove Probiotics passed the GPTW survey with flying colours

GPTW completed their comprehensive evaluation of the level of trust, pride and job satisfaction within Winclove Probiotics in the spring of 2020, and then assessed whether Winclove Probiotics meets the criteria for being a good employer. The company passed the survey with flying colours and has now become ‘Great Place to Work Certified’. An impressive 89% of the employees at Winclove Probiotics said they felt good about the contribution their company makes to society, 84% of employees looked forward to going to work every day, while no less than 94% of them stated that they were proud to work at Winclove Probiotics.

A certificate to be proud of

The research carried out by GPTW primarily focuses on employees’ perceptions of an organization: after all, they are the only ones who can give a direct assessment of the extent to which they trust management, whether or not they are proud of their employer and how satisfied they are with the company. Winclove Probiotics is extremely proud of the certification, and, most importantly, the strong level of social cohesion within the company. 

As Margret Groenewegen, HR Manager at Winclove Probiotics, proudly proclaims: “Great Place to Work contributes to the well-being and development of our employees. Surely everyone wants to work in a safe and pleasant environment? And this creates the space to focus on achieving our goal of being a successful organization.”

About Great Place to Work

For 35 years, GPTW has been researching employee trust, pride and job satisfaction in both large and small organizations across 60 different countries. According to GPTW, these constitute the essential ingredients for organizational success. The culture of a Great Place to Work is characterized by a positive energy and atmosphere, as well as the open and friendly way in which employees across all levels of the organization communicate with each other.

According to René Brouwers, Managing Director at Great Place to Work Netherlands: “The family business Winclove Probiotics has been recognized as Great Place to Work Certified for the first time. Their mission is to be the best company for the world instead of being the best company in the world. What is striking about this organization is their contribution to society at large. This is reflected in both their organizational policy and the level of appreciation expressed by employees in relation to this ethos: 89% of the employees stated that they were proud of the contribution that their organization makes to society. The organization also pays considerable attention to the balance between work and private life. For example, ensuring that the lunch block is free from official meetings is one good example of how they pay attention to employees’ vitality at the organizational level.”