Press release: Collaboration between Winclove Probiotics and non-profit organization Justdiggit

CO2 emissions offset for business flights and contribution to climate recovery

Amsterdam, December 3, 2020 - Winclove Probiotics, in collaboration with Justdiggit, is regreening more than 5,000 acres in Tanzania. The area is nearly half the size of the north of Amsterdam, the company’s home base. As part of the ‘Re-growing trees’ project, an investment by Winclove Probiotics will replace 84,000 trees to offset the CO2 emissions from its business flights, producing a positive impact on the climate, nature, and people.

Winclove Probiotics is investing in the Re-growing trees project in Tanzania

Winclove Probiotics started working with Justdiggit this year in Tanzania’s Dodoma region on reforestation, CO2 offset, and climate recovery. A total of no less than 8 million mature trees or ‘living stumps’ are being replanted as part of the Re-growing trees project through the Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) method, known as ‘Kisiki Hai’ in Swahili. The Amsterdam company’s investment will cover 84,000 trees and offset the CO2 emissions from the international flights its employees must take. The partnership with Justdiggit is one of the ways in which Winclove Probiotics is contributing to a healthy planet and working to minimize its ecological footprint.

Maarten Pekelharing, CEO of Winclove Probiotics, comments: "If you're talking about organizations that make a real impact, I think Justdiggit is an inspiring and preeminent example. They fit in perfectly with the 'purpose economy' that we also advocate: an economy and society built on meaningful entrepreneurship.

About Justdiggit

The objective of the non-profit organization Justdiggit is to keep the earth inhabitable. Under the motto ‘If we can warm up the earth, we can also cool it down’, they are building a movement to inspire and activate people around the world to restore the earth. Degraded landscapes are restored by combining traditional regreening techniques, new technology, and a strong communicative approach. The projects that Justdiggit initiates together with local partners such as the LEAD Foundation in various African countries have beneficial effects on water conservation, nutrition, biodiversity, migration, and the climate.

Marjolein Albers, Managing Director at Justdiggit, says: “Just like Justdiggit, Winclove Probiotics harnesses the power of nature to have a positive impact. We are also on the same page in terms of mentality: positive and can-do! We feel a very close connection with the company, and we are extremely happy with their support.