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MyOwnResearch project wins ‘Brilliant Failures Award Healthcare 2022’

At Winclove Probiotics we invest a lot into research and development. And in the light of this, trying to be in the frontline of new developments in research as well, we are open to new types of investigations and collaborations. Of course, not every study is a success, turns out the way we hope, or even is not always started. This has also been the case with the MyOwnResearch (MORe) project in which Winclove Probiotics was consortium partner. For its ‘failure’, MyOwnResearch recently received the jury prize ‘Brilliant Failures Award Healthcare 2022’.


Brilliant Failures Award

The Brilliant Failures Award is an initiative of the Institute for Brilliant Failures, with the motto ‘Open to the unknown, and learn from the unexpected’. The Institute for Brilliant Failures is committed to facilitating and making learning experiences accessible. “In doing so, we embrace failure as an important learning moment. For what would the world be without courage, without accidental discoveries and without the opportunity to learn from what went wrong?” Winning the ‘Brilliant Failures Award’ means that it is appreciated and recognized that MyOwnResearch tried to do something ground-breaking. The learning points from MyOwnResearch help with citizen-driven research in health and care in the future.


About MyOwnResearch

MyOwnResearch was set up as a citizen-science driven project, in which people suffering from the common combination of fatigue and abdominal complaints, independent of a specific diagnosed disease, could choose to use, amongst others for a probiotic product to investigate whether this may offer the patient a solution. People with chronic illnesses often search for solutions themselves to increase their quality of life. They are proactive, look for new possibilities, and experiment with their habits and diet to improve their health. The aim of the project was to support the great commitment and resourcefulness of patients to do something to improve their own health with an appropriate methodical approach. The choice of the approach lay mainly with the participants themselves, with the idea of gaining more insight into how we can help people across diseases and products by N=1 research.

Watch the animation about MyOwnResearch here.


Why the research failed

Although the MyOwnResearch project was selected out of multiple submissions for a national subsidy program of Health~Holland and Samenwerkende Gezondheidsfondsen, unfortunately, the project did not fit well with the current framework for medical and ethical review. As a result, two rejections by different METC review committees have occurred and the project was no longer feasible within the required timelines. The involved parties deeply regret that this decision had to be made, and that the subsidized project therefore came to an end. The expectation is that research in which patients are given a more active role as self-researchers will become more and more important in the future. As a research-driven company, Winclove Probiotics likes to invest in new ways of research, and with this award, the MyOwnResearch project gets recognition of the importance to continue in such innovative approaches to bring the knowledge on impact of probiotics further.


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