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Coline Gerritsen joins the Board at Winclove Probiotics

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that our colleague Coline Gerritsen will join the Executive Board at Winclove Probiotics with immediate effect.

New R&D department

Coline Gerritsen will lead the Research & Development (R&D) department which is currently being formed and will also take responsibility for this side of the operation at executive level. By establishing this new R&D department, we will ensure that innovative projects and developments in the field of microbiota management will continue to receive the very high priority necessary to secure our place at the forefront of this field, now and in the future. Three existing teams will form the basis of the new R&D department: Strain Development, Product Development and the Laboratory.


Coline’s career driven by fascination

Coline joined Winclove in November 2008, and her first years with the company were in the role of Scientist. During this period she successfully completed her PhD at Wageningen University. With a thesis entitled The genus Romboutsia: genomic and functional characterization of novel bacteria dedicated to life in the intestinal tract Coline had already shown a clear interest in the vital role that bacteria play in our health. Conducting this research into the development of a new generation probiotics has given her a profound understanding of how bacteria function and interact within the human body. Her work under the management of Marco van Es in the years that followed only served to fuel this fascination.

Strategy Winclove requires a focus on our strain database

In recent years, in her position as Senior Scientist, Coline has been responsible for the development and commercial knowledge transfer of the strain database, in which she has already made valuable advances. Our probiotic strains form the basis of all the formulations that Winclove researches and brings to market. Continuing to gain knowledge about our bacteria is therefore essential to Winclove’s future success. In addition, Winclove’s current strategy calls for further refinement and reinforcement of our formulations with strains that are even more in touch with market demands.


What do others say about the business strengths of Coline?

Marco van Es, Director Innovation and Regulatory Affairs, points out that Coline’s strengths lie in her ability to combine her fascination for the science with the development of relevant products. She loves solving puzzles and designing every step of the process which is so essential in developing high-quality formulations. In addition, she has already proved herself to be a highly valued sparring partner, both for her colleagues and our partners.


Maarten Pekelharing, CEO of Winclove, pays tribute as follows:

“I am very proud that, after more than 10 years as part of the Winclove family, Coline will now join our executive team as R&D Director. Not least because in recent years Coline has shown herself to be a natural leader with a gift for inspiring and connecting people. This in combination with her expertise and her inquiring mind makes her a genuine trailblazer. In the executive team, we are convinced that with Coline as R&D Director, she and her entire R&D team will be an indispensable driving force in further developing Winclove’s innovative character and evidence-based strategy.” 

Pride & confidence in new driving force within future proof strategy

The current Executive Board can look to the future with pride and confidence with Coline at our side and at the helm of R&D. We all wish her every success and fulfilment in her new role.

Maarten Pekelharing, Martijn van Dam, Tara Corduwener, Margret Groenewegen and Marco van Es. 

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