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Ecologic® Performance – a great leap forward in reducing exercise-induced stress

The end of the summer marks the end of an exciting sports season. The long-awaited European Football Championship and the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games finally happened and thrilled millions. However, we’re often unaware of the sacrifice and difficulties that athletes endure, the other side of the medal. How can we reduce or prevent exercise-induced effects? Can probiotics help?

User experiences playing a larger role in research

Since our founding 35 years ago, Winclove Probiotics has been vigorous in its research into the health effects of probiotics. This energy and commitment drives our collaborations not only with universities, research institutes and hospitals, but also with our business partners.

Probiotics potentials in daily life

Probiotics have gained the attention of both end consumers and health care practitioners in recent decades. Many randomized clinical trials, meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and qualitative approaches have verified probiotics' beneficial role in advancing human health and well-being.

Make your own probiotic frozen yoghurt

Who doesn’t like a nice frozen refreshment on a hot day? And how about one that’s also good for your intestines? With just a few simple ingredients, you can make your own probiotic yoghurt!

Gut microbiome and improved memory

We are glad to inform you about a study publication with Ecologic® Barrier by Bloemendaal et al. (2021). This study is an extension of the work previously published by Papalini et al. (2019) in which has been shown that Ecologic® Barrier can support cognitive perfor­mance under acute stress .


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