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Letting The Netherlands bloom again with Sumthing

Sumthing header
Sumthing header

Winclove’s goal is crystal clear: quality of life for everyone. That means leading the way as the best company for the world and thinking in terms of generations, not quarters. It’s why for every 200,000 doses of probiotics we sell, we’re restoring 10 m2 of floral meadow . In this way, together with our partner Sumthing, we’re bringing the Netherlands back to full bloom.

Nature’s comeback story

Sumthing, a social enterprise, aims to restore more nature than is lost each year, crafting nature’s comeback story. With a few clicks, you can support carefully chosen projects aiding nature’s recovery and track their impact through photos, videos, GPS coordinates, and satellite images.

Our commitment to biodiversity perfectly aligns with our mission. Beyond making first-class probiotics, we believe it’s our responsibility to actively nurture our environment. The task to create a sustainable world lies not only in politics but also with businesses and their employees. We play our part through initiatives that have a purposeful and tangible impact.”

Manon Bezemer
Head of Winclove’s Purpose & Impact Management
Winclove Probiotics