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ARTIS-Micropia collaboration: primary school teaching programme

School children visiting ARTIS Micropia
School children visiting ARTIS Micropia

ARTIS-Micropia: Primary school teaching programme

Winclove Probiotics partners with ARTIS-Micropia to create playful projects educating children on health and microbiology. Micropia connects science with the broader community, and features themes including the power of probiotics. By combining efforts, we aim to inspire young people to lead healthier, more active lives. This includes teaching at primary schools in our North-Amsterdam neighbourhood.

‘Together in North-Amsterdam’ teaching programme

Children attending ARTIS Micropia

Our first practical teaching programme ‘Together in North-Amsterdam’ enables children to learn about the trillions of bacteria, fungi and yeasts essential to our health. The programme centres on the relationship between health, nutrition and your own microbiome – the community of micro-organisms that live in and on the body. It follows up a classroom lesson with a visit to Winclove Probiotics and the Micropia museum at ARTIS Zoo.

Sign up

Years 6, 7 and 8 of North-Amsterdam primary schools can sign up to participate in the teaching programme ‘Together in North-Amsterdam’ using the form below. Winclove Probiotics’ educational activities are focused on the local area, but other schools who are interested are welcome to contact us to discuss opportunities for collaboration.