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Joining forces: Winclove Probiotics collaborates with Justdiggit

Two women in Africa plant trees to regreen Tanzania with the Justdiggit project
Two women in Africa plant trees to regreen Tanzania with the Justdiggit project

Regreening Tanzania: A Climate Recovery Initiative with Justdiggit

As an international organisation, we address CO₂ emissions from various sources such as travel, production, and office operations. We do everything we can to minimise our ecological footprint and work towards carbon neutrality. Currently, we offset our CO₂ emissions by regreening landscapes in Tanzania with Justdiggit, planting over 14 million trees. Our involvement began with the ‘Re-grow Trees’ project in Dodoma in May 2022, expanding to the neighboring Singida region.

Winclove Probiotics, just like Justdiggit, uses the power of nature to make such a positive impact. Also in terms of mindset, we have much in common: positive and a can-do mindset! We feel a huge connection with the organisation and are tremendously pleased with their support”

Justdiggit Marjolein
Justdiggit Marjolein
Marjolein Albers
Managing Director

Investing in ‘Re-grow trees’ and Kisiki Hai

This photo shows the before and after look of a Justdiggit regreening project

In recent years we’ve invested in the ‘Re-grow trees’ regreening project in Dodoma, Tanzania. Using the method known as Kisiki Hai (‘living stump’ in Swahili) existing, living tree stumps were pruned, protected and nurtured back into full-sized trees. This method, more efficient than planting new trees, utilizes living stumps with roots reaching deeper water levels, requiring less water and offering better resistance to external factors.

Project 2: Bringing back trees in Singida

Tanzanian people getting education on regreening

In the neighbouring region of Singida, 90% of the population relies on the land for livelihood. However, maintaining biodiversity, fertile ground, and water sources becomes challenging. Following ‘Re-grow Trees’ success in Dodoma, our partnership with Justdiggit and local ‘Champion Farmers’ aims to restore over 8 million trees in Singida by 2026. This enhances farming and creates new income and fuel sources for farming families.

Champion Farmers in action

African woman smiling and showing a newly planted tree

Champion Farmers play a key role in the regreening programme, with 2000 currently active in central Tanzania. Selected for their knowledge, skills, and community influence, Dodoma’s first Champion Farmers underwent training in 2022. They’ve since returned to their villages to train others and promote the regreening movement.

The Champion Farmers are tasked with the following:
• spread their knowledge about the Kisiki Hai method
• activate farmers in the region
• play a major role in the monitoring system
• do regular checks, including tree counts in the field
• collect statistics on the number of trees and the number of farmers trained and activated and communicate this to the programme office.

Story of the farmers

Since our early involvement in the Singida project, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with Champion Farmer Japhary and other local farmers. Watch his interview below to learn about the challenges he faces in farming and how the ‘Re-grow Trees’ project supports his agricultural endeavors and dreams.

More than 1,036 hectares of landscape restored

Through our contribution to the ‘Re-grow Trees’ project, we’ve already restored over 1,036 hectares of landscape by mid-2022, with more growth expected – a figure that exceeds our initial CO₂ offset expectations. Reforestation brings multiple benefits, improving local living conditions and global climate. Additionally, over 7,290 local farmers have been actively engaged, with Champion Farmers extending training to institutions like churches, mosques, schools and hospitals.

I think Justdiggit is a particularly inspiring example of an organisation making real impact. They fit perfectly into the purpose economy that we endorse. An economy and society in which higher purpose is leading.”

Maarten Pekelharing
Maarten Pekelharing
Maarten Pekelharing
General Director
Winclove Probiotics

Justdiggit, for cooling down the planet

The Justdiggit logo

Justdiggit is a non-profit organisation aiming to keep the earth inhabitable. With their motto ‘If we can warm the planet, then we can cool it too’, they’re building an international movement to inspire and activate people worldwide to restore the earth. The projects that Justdiggit initiates throughout Africa favorably impact water retention, food, biodiversity, migration, and the climate.