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Impact Report 2023

Results, initiatives and ambitions

Impact Report 2023
Impact Report 2023

At Winclove we want to increase our positive impact every day. And in 2023 we took steps to raise our game for a healthier, greener, and fairer world. In our second Impact Report you can read about how, together with our partners, we use our business as a force for good. And about how, in some cases, it’s fairly easy and in other’s it’s not.

What can you expect?

  • Impact facts and figures
  • Our goals for 2024
  • Personal stories from partners and Winclove employees

Prefer just the highlights?

  • We received the keys to our new premises with solar panels, sustainable furniture, recycled floors and so much more
  • Recertified as a Great Place To Work (since 2020)
  • 63% production growth compared to 2021
  • Conducted Carbon Life Cycle Assessment for 8 formulations
  • Completed reduction plan with Climate Neutral Group
  • Educated 536 children about the power of bacteria
  • €170,106 spent on social projects
  • Launched our Micronauts documentary

Our impact through the years

Impact area pillars

Making impact with our premium probiotics

With the development and production of our indication-specific probiotics, we help people improve their quality of life.

Making impact with our partners

To really make impact, we must join forces with our business and research partners and our suppliers.

Making impact with our people

Our people make the difference. Which is why we listen to them attentively and work on what’s important to them. Their well-being and development always stand front and centre.

Reducing our environmental impact

We work hard to reduce our ecological footprint. We want to be operating 100% climate neutrally in 2030.

Making impact on the community

Every day, since the foundation of our family company, we take care of people and the planet. Close to home in North Amsterdam, and around the world.

Want to know more about our efforts to increase our impact and make our company more sustainable or would you like to share your ideas on working together?