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Leading the way as a B Corp certified company

Winclove Probiotics employees cheering the BCorp status.
Winclove Probiotics employees cheering the BCorp status.

Winclove Probiotics is B Corp certified

As a commercial organisation, we do our best for society and the protection of our planet. In 2020, we achieved the B Corp certificate – a testament to our commitment to foster a healthy society, economy, and planet. Awarded by B Lab, this certification recognises companies dedicated to sustainable practices, and our certification followed a rigorous B Impact Assessment (BIA), affirming the integrity of how we do business.

Extremely proud of our certification

Logo of Certified BCorp.

Our B Corp certificate confirms our commitment to both ethical thinking and action. In the years to come, we’ll intensify our efforts toward environmental and social goals, earning more B Corp points and inspiring our partners. We’ve long strived to be the best company for the world, and the B Corp certification solidifies this commitment. We’re incredibly proud.

B Corp in the future

B Corp certification unites companies for a better world. Joining ranks with brands like Fairphone, Tony’s Chocolonely, Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia, it’s a catalyst for progress. For us, it’s both an acknowledgment and a starting point to continue on our path toward positive impact.

B Corp challenges us to turn our good intentions into concrete actions. It’s all about behaviour. I think that companies should aim to lead by example and inspire others.”

Maarten Pekelharing
Maarten Pekelharing
Maarten Pekelharing
General Director
Winclove Probiotics

About B Corp

Companies with a B Corp certificate voluntarily hold the highest standards in the areas of social and ecological influence. They embrace their responsibility and work transparently. They are conscious of the impact they have on society, want to do good for the world, and use their commercial power to do so. B Corps actively pursue inclusivity and sustainability, considering the welfare of employees, clients, suppliers, society, and the environment in every decision.