Why indication-specific probiotics?

Indication-specific probiotics are probiotics whereby the probiotic bacteria are selected for properties that can bring about a favourable effect for specific health problems. To achieve the optimal effect on the balance in our gut, the various bacteria should be combined, as each has different properties.

Probiotics for
specific indications

Winclove Probiotics develops and produces premium probiotics for specific indications. The microorganisms in our probiotic formulations are carefully selected based on their individual characteristics, because like every other organism, each strain has its unique characteristics. And because most health problems / pathologies are multifactorial, it is important to select multiple probiotic strains that can positively influence the impaired physiological processes on different levels.

Probiotic product

At the heart of our product development lie our evidence-based, indication-specific probiotic formulations. We study the properties of our strains, usually in our own lab utilizing in vitro research and genome-based predictions. This knowledge, together with insights from the scientific literature, is used to combine strains that all have unique capacities and can effect specific health benefits.

Pioneer in
probiotic research

Scientific research is the basis of our probiotic formulations. Since 1987, we’ve been involved in international projects contributing to the research and development of probiotic formulations. We invest continuously in expanding our database with new bacteria strains and are acquiring more knowledge of the properties of the specific strains. These insights enable us to develop innovative, multispecies formulations for specific indications.