Research & Development:
the core of our probiotic formulations

Aan het werk in de pilot plant

How do we use our probiotics to improve people’s health and quality of life? How do we assure our products’ efficacy and safety? And how do we provide evidence that our formulations effectively treat specific conditions? Since 1987 we have been doing research into probiotic formulations and producing answers to these and other vital questions.

Intensive collaboration with renowned partners

Research forms the basis of our probiotic formulations. Our R&D team consists of professionals specializing in diverse fields, and they work closely with the finest and most renowned research institutes, universities, and academic hospitals anywhere in the world.

Innovative probiotic formulations

To develop the most effective probiotics possible, we invest continuously in research and technology. In our research in our North Amsterdam laboratory, the R&D team employs the most advanced in vitro techniques. Additionally, the members participate with other leading researchers in international, multidisciplinary projects, both in vitro and in vivo, that advance microbiota science as it relates to health and sickness. We do all this research to ensure that what we and our partners offer to the end user is clearly the best solution.

“With the development of next-generation probiotics, we and our partners are literally and figuratively cultivating the field of probiotics. We’re contributing to health and quality of life, worldwide. As far as I’m concerned, there is no finer purpose possible”

Coline Gerritsen R&D Director Winclove Probiotics
Coline Gerritsen R&D Director Winclove Probiotics

Coline Gerritsen, Research & Development DirectorWinclove Probiotics

Innovative multispecies formulations

What drives us is our fascination with the human microbiota’s impact on health and sickness. Backed by years of our research, we invest continuously in expanding our knowledge of our existing and developmental bacterial strains. This enables us to combine each of their unique functionalities into innovative multispecies formulations that target specific health indications.