PROBIOACT® Technology

The power of Winclove Probiotics is our commitment to improving the quality of life for as many people as possible. We research, develop and manufacture premium probiotic formulations and we’re committed to continuously studying the role of the microbiota and probiotics in health and disease. Our research helps us select the most effective bacteria for your particular need and to develop multispecies indication-specific formulations that work best for you.

However, selecting the right probiotic strains with the right properties for each specific indication alone isn’t enough to ensure the success of a probiotic formulation. The technical aspects of a probiotic formulation, namely stability, gastro-intestinal survival and metabolic activity, are also crucial. There is little point in taking a probiotic when most of the bacteria die before being consumed, or when the bacteria do survive but are no longer active. To ensure optimal probiotic effectiveness Winclove has developed its Probioact® Technology.

Added value PROBIOACT®

Probioact® technology is used in every Winclove formulation. It applies carefully selected ingredients that support the viability of the bacteria, and thereby the effectiveness and premium quality of the formulation. These ingredients contribute to:

  • Stability – ensuring the cell count until end of shelf life at room temperature
  • Gastrointestinal survival – ensuring survival during GI passage
  • Metabolic activity – ensuring the activity

PROBIOACT® ingredients

Next to selecting the right bacterial strains with the right properties for each specific indication, we add the carefully selected ingredients of the Probioact® Technology to our formulations to ensure optimal probiotic effectiveness. Every Winclove formulation contains Probioact®, but each contains a unique combination of probiotic strains that have their own needs and preferences. Therefore, Probioact® is composed to optimally suit each formulation. Through our continuous quest to find the best ingredients for our Probioact® Technology, you can be absolutely sure that our premium probiotic formulations deliver what is promised.


Although there are many different probiotics on the market, our Probioact® technology can be the very thing that helps your products stand out above the rest