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Senior Scientist Immunology

Are you fascinated by the role of the microbiota in human health, and do you think it is important to further science in an exciting research field and to translate these new scientific insights into products that benefit humans and improve their quality of life? Would you like to combine your substantive immunological knowledge with organizational qualities to contribute to scientifically well-founded probiotic products? Then this is the position you are looking for!

Your role

We are looking for a scientist who will bring demonstrated expertise in the field of (pre)clinical immunology, with a finished PhD or Post-Doc. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in designing, performing, and managing in vitro and ex vivo immunological experiments. In this position you will play a pivotal role in the design and execution of immunological (pre)clinical research and use your expertise to further the mechanistic understanding of the (molecular) interactions between host and (probiotic) microbes.

Job Description
We are looking for a motivated scientist to play a key role in the assessment and progression of novel probiotic strain candidates through Winclove’s strain development pipeline. As part of the Strain Development team you will be also expected to combine expertise in immunology, cell biology, microbiology and functional genomics to evaluate the immunological effectivity of our current probiotic portfolio and to contribute to the development of new probiotic products.
The role requires knowledge of immunological techniques in the broadest sense, combined with a proven track record in multidisciplinary collaboration with different colleagues across departments and partnering with businesses such as academic/contract research organizations. The scientist will work in close collaboration with other scientists and technicians in their research. You act as a project leader for research being done internally and at several academic/contract research organizations.

Responsibilities & requirements

  • Knowledge of immunological assays such as ELISA, FACS, PCR, cell culturing, T-cell and B-cell work, antigen / antibody assays, etc.;
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of new assays in Winclove’s own laboratory or in collaboration with research partners;
  • Designing and evaluation of pre-clinical research projects;
  • Working together with academia and businesses, analyzing needs in the market and responding accordingly.


  • PhD in biological/medical sciences or nutrition with strong immunology background;
  • At least 3 years of experience in Post Doc or in industry after PhD;
  • Proven track record of cooperating with or working within nutrition industry, pharmaceutical industry / immunological companies;
  • Demonstrated hands-on expertise and knowledge on in vitro and ex vivo immunological assays (ELISA, PCR, FACS, etc.);
  • Interest in probiotics and proven expertise on host-microbe interactions is an advantage;
    Excellent communication and writing skills matching different expertise levels;
  • Well-organized, accurate, flexible, proactive and independent.

What do we offer you?

Winclove Probiotics BV is a growing, innovative family business in Amsterdam (North) that has been developing and producing high-quality, indication-specific probiotics for almost 30 years. Winclove does a lot of research into the relation between bacteria and health with the aim to produce products that improve quality of life. With this knowledge, probiotic supplements are developed for the international pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industry.

We offer you a broad position where you can use your background and experience to strengthen the substantiation of both existing and new probiotic formulations. You will work in a dynamic environment where you will not only be in contact with researchers and clinicians, but also with commercial and government relations.

We are a real family business where collegiality, cooperation and professionalism are central. The corporate culture of Winclove Probiotics is characterized by humanity, diversity, trust and quality. There is an open, informal atmosphere and our employees are given plenty of room to further develop their talents. The fact that we don’t just say this, but that our employees also experience it that way is apparent from the fact that we are a Great Place to Work.

Our organization is very socially involved. For our contribution and participation in various social initiatives, MKB-Nederland awarded us the title ‘Most socially engaged entrepreneur in Amsterdam North.’ With an eye to the next generations, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint.

Do you see yourself in the above profile and does our company culture appeal to you? Send your letter and resume by using the application form below. Would you first like to know more about the vacancy? Contact


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    In ons familiebedrijf staan collegialiteit, samenwerken en professionaliteit centraal. Medewerkers krijgen alle ruimte om te groeien in hun vak.

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