Minion sequencing

We want at all times to provide our partners with innovative, high-grade, and safe probiotic formulations. To ensure this we have people who are completely dedicated to new applications for and improvements to our strains and formulations. The main scope of their research is the physical, genetic, and metabolic properties of our strains.


The production process begins with the fermentation of our probiotic bacteria. Our in-house knowledge enables us to adjust the yeasting conditions so that, as the bacteria grow, they develop favourable properties. Thus we are able to cultivate bacteria that can better withstand a low pH level. And ultimately this results in greater survival through the gastrointestinal tract. All our fermented bacteria are controlled before being processed further.

Strain selection

The development of our formulations begins with extensive literature research for the best combination of strains. The strains are selected from our comprehensive strain databank. Depending on the indication, we select between three and ten different probiotic strains that are tested for their compatibility. All the bacteria that we use are QPS certified or have an extensive safety record, and they are screened for sensitivity or resistance to various antibiotics.

PROBIOACT® technology selection

In addition to the right bacteria strains, we add protective and nutritional ingredients from our PROBIOACT® technology to the formulations in order to increase the product’s effectiveness even further. Because bacteria have strain-specific preferences for food, all of our formulations contain various PROBIOACT® technology ingredients.