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Evidence-based, indication-specific and multispecies formulations

Evidence-based formulations

To develop probiotic formulations people can benefit from, we start by gathering pre-clinical evidence. We dive into scientific literature, select the right probiotic strains for the specific need, then hit the lab to study their effectiveness using advanced techniques like in silico, in vitro and ex vivo research. But we can’t do it all ourselves. For every project we work closely with leading research institutes, universities and academic hospitals worldwide. This ensures our research is objective and scientifically sound.


We develop and produce premium probiotics tailored to specific needs – we call these ‘indication specific’. These contain specially selected strains chosen for their individual characteristics that, when combined, are best suited to target health concerns.

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Most health issues stem from various factors which can’t be tackled with just one probiotic strain. Our multispecies probiotic formulations address health issues from multiple angles by combining different bacterial strains – each with unique properties. This helps provide effective treatment.