Sales Support & Education

We strive to deliver our clients evidence-bases, effective probiotics. But we don’t stop there, and also support our business partners in bringing their product to the market. This tailor-made sales support may include the following:

  • Arranging presentations by doctors and key opinion leaders
  • Setting up clinical trials or pilot studies
  • Supporting in registration and legal issues
  • Proposing and developing new products that meet your requirements
  • Performing literature research on required or desired topics in probiotics and microbiome management
  • Organizing presentations by Winclove’s own scientists
  • Writing scientific articles for magazines and papers

Moreover, we are committed to creating global awareness among health care professionals, key opinion leaders and regulatory agencies of the importance of the microbiome for health. To this end we are part of the boards of the International Probiotic Association (IPA) and the International Scientific Organization of Pre- and Probiotics (ISAPP). We also organize international, high-quality events that address the importance of the role of the microbiota in specific disorders. For example;

These activities create significant awareness among medical professionals and the public around the world, which contributes to the heightened global attention for probiotics as effective solutions for a variety of disorders.