Our Business Model

The thorough substantiation with scientific and clinical evidence makes our probiotic formulations ideal to sell medical endorsed. Therefore, we look for partners with an established clinical network of doctors, therapeutics, general practitioners etc. that have experience in selling products medical endorsed.

We can offer you a wide range of probiotic formulations to add to your portfolio. Our indication specific  formulations  are designed for specific microbiota-related ailments. In addition, we also offer broad-spectrum formulations for various age groups. Moreover, we collaboratively can develop a tailor-made solution that optimally fulfils your desires and needs.

All our bacteria are extensively researched and carefully selected for efficacy and compatibility, so that  the probiotic strains blend into an effective formulation. The products are manufactured in a GMP facility, have the QPS (Qualified Presumption of Safety) status or an extensive safety file. Winclove maintains complete control over all critical steps, from strain selection and product formulation to the manufacturing and packaging of the final formulation.

The ingredients in our innovative, branded PROBIOACT® Technology ensure up to two years of stability at room temperature, as well as excellent survival of the digestive tract and high metabolic activity. All in all, this creates the most effective probiotic solutions.

Our probiotic formulations are available as bulk deliveries or as finished products, ready to market under your own brand. Naturally, we offer our clients product exclusivity to successfully develop a desirable market share.

Throughout the entire process we are a very flexible partner to work with, and we are looking forward to starting a fruitful collaboration with you!